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Jonny is one of my favorite people I've shot with. She is one of those people who cannot take a bad … view

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Simple and Moody

One of the things I really love about shooting against a solid black background is that it can keep things very simple and focused on the model. And, when using a simple lighting … read article


Fujifilm X100T Announced!

Well, the third generation of the famous X100 has been announced and should start shipping sometime in November! It doesn't look like a radical departure from the last version, … read article


Vegas in the Rain

Monday of this week I woke up to gray sky. Many people around the country might not see this as such a positive thing, but when you live in Las Vegas, this is a rare occurrence! I … read article


Romantic Still Life

A few nights ago I was looking one of my Facebook friends photos and one was so amazing that it definitely stopped me in my tracks as I scrolled down through the feed. It was a … read article