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Jonny is one of my favorite people I've shot with. She is one of those people who cannot take a bad … view

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Natural vs Posed II

Just in case there was any confusion from my last post in which I mentioned how I wasn't normally a big fan of images in which the model looked like she or he was obviously posed … read article


Natural vs Posed

During a photo shoot there are many poses that a model will strike. To me, often the simplest approach can be the best. I'm not a big fan of shots where, IMHO, the model has … read article


One Light

Okay, this will be it for my trip down memory lane with the shoots I did with the black backdrop. I love working with one light and the mysteriousness it can create. Very … read article



After I did the post yesterday featuring a shot I got with Geneva against the black background, I started looking through other shoots I did back then with a similar lighting … read article